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Ukrainian conflict: outcome of peace negotiations

No ceasefire but Russia says yes to humanitarian corridors for fleeing civilians

The second meeting of the peace negotiations between Russia and Ukraine that ended yesterday at the Brest Forest, in Belarus, did not produce the result that the world was hoping for. No ceasefire by Moscow, which however said yes to the establishment of humanitarian corridors to ensure the escape of civilians from cities that are attacked by the Kremlin-led army. So the fighting continues. 

The next talks between Kiev and Moscow to seek a peaceful solution to the conflict will be held early next week in Belarus. The Russian delegation spoke of important "progress" made on the path towards dialogue, while the Ukrainian delegation reported that it has not obtained "the expected results". 

Meanwhile, President Vladimir Putin made it known that he will not stop Moscow's advance in Ukraine and threatened: "We will destroy the anti-Russia created by the West". He added: "We are at war with neo-Nazis. Ukrainian forces are using civilians as human shields. The operation is proceeding according to plan". 

Therefore, the offensive continues: the Russians are advancing to the south where their goal is to take control of the Black Sea. Meanwhile in the night a fire broke out at the Energodar nuclear power plant, in the region of Zaporiyia, after the Moscow armed forces have targeted the plant.

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