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Ukrainian war: interview with Zelensky

"Everyone understood that invasion was imminent. Not enough was done"

During the Ukrainian conflict, there was not a day when there was no talk about a possible escape of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky from the country. He has always responded with his usual irony and by posting videos of him in the city in Kiev, in his office in the government building or in the bunker. The politician is the first target of the Russian army, which wants him dead or alive.

"I live among my people, it's the best protection there is. When Russia was preparing the invasion, Putin could not imagine that Ukrainians would defend their country with such determination. It is a principle, this one, that will serve as a lesson to many in the West". As for me, "I am constantly engaged in discussions and negotiations. I am doing many indispensable things to ensure the defense and salvation of my compatriots", the Ukrainian president told the newspaper "Il Corriere della Sera". 

And to the West he reminds: "Everyone understood that the invasion was imminent. Russian troops were already massed along our borders. I asked to hit Russia with sanctions, so that Putin would reconsider. But it wasn't done. I asked for aid for Ukraine, to strengthen its defenses. That too has not been done. Now we are facing invasion". And if a no-fly zone of the Atlantic Alliance could lead to World War III, "then give us fighter planes and anti-aircraft defense systems and we will take care of our skies", he concludes.

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