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Russia-Ukraine: the position of the United States

Smith (NATO USA): "We hope that the countries of the world will be on the side of order"

After the peace summit held in Rome between the United States and China, negotiations continue between Moscow and Kiev, while the Atlantic Alliance meets in Brussels to take stock of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. The goal of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is to end the war and convince Russia to leave Ukraine. 

"I think the goal of the Rome meeting was to send a pretty clear message: the United States is anxious to see where all the countries of the world stand. They need to stand on the side of rules-based order. This is not the time to sit on the sidelines or pretend you can remain neutral", says the US ambassador to NATO, Julianne Smith, in an interview with "La Repubblica". 

"The feeling -she adds- is that a no-fly zone would take us in the wrong direction", namely that of a direct conflict between Russia and NATO. "On the Mig planes there were doubts about displacement, pilots, fuel, missiles. It was not a sustainable option" to provide them to Kiev. 

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