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Ukrainian war: Kiev recovers Makariv

Suburban town prevents Russian forces from surrounding the capital from the northwest

Ukraine lets it be known that the army has recaptured the town of Makariv, located in the Kiev Oblast, and that Russian armed forces have been pushed back and lost control of the urban agglomeration. The urban settlement has more than 60,000 inhabitants and is located 60 kilometers west of the Ukrainian capital, where in recent days at least 7 civilian casualties were recorded in the clashes. 

"The Ukrainian flag has been hoisted over the town of Makariv", Ukrainian newspaper "Kyiv Independent" reports, citing a communication from the General Staff of the National Armed Forces. The recapture of the city gave Ukrainian forces the opportunity to take control of an important highway and prevent Russian forces from surrounding the capital from the northwest. 

However, on the outskirts of Kiev, the advance of Russian armed forces continues. Confirmation comes from the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, according to which the suburbs of Busja, Hostomel and Irpin, northwest of the capital, where the Russian military has taken control and carry out house-to-house raids.

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