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Draghi on the Ukraine war: from peace to European defense

"Italy requested as guarantor by Russia and Ukraine for the implementation of negotiation clauses"

The President of the Italian Council of Ministers, Mario Draghi, spoke on the phone with Russian President Vladimir Putin yesterday. At the top of the agenda of the conversation it was the armed conflict in Ukraine and the effects determined with regard to the supply of components for industry, the sending of armaments, the supply of gas, the increase of fuel and energy prices. The Italian politician talked about all this with the foreign press today.

Italy has been "requested as a guarantor by Russia and Ukraine for the implementation of possible negotiation clauses". At the moment there are "no conditions" for a ceasefire "but the Mariupol corridor has been opened". I "expressed my conviction that in order to resolve crucial knots, a meeting is needed with Zelensky, who has been asking for it from the beginning. The Russian president answered me that the time is not ripe, but his points is that there are small steps forward in negotiations", explained the Italian premier. 

"Sanctions work -Draghi continued- and peace is achieved if Ukraine defends itself. Helping Ukraine and showing us so united and compact in the war also means defending the multilateral order. These are the rules that have accompanied us since the end of the second war and that have given democracy, peace and prosperity". Finally, to a question about "European defense" he replied that it is fundamental to build "a political union." In that "it involves accepting to have a common foreign policy. It means that we will all be allies forever in the future and that would be the greatest goal ever achieved". 

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