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United Kingdom: Caa celebrates 50 years

Hillier (authority chairman): "Proud and excited to do our part for the future of aviation"

The UK Civil Aviation Authority (Caa) has turned 50 years old these days. The authority for the regulation of aviation in the United Kingdom began operating after the enactment of the Civil Aviation Act in 1971, which unified the functions of two bodies that were separately responsible for the certification of aircraft (Air Registration Board) and the registration of patents (Board of Trade).

"I’m proud that the organization has been able to sustain its position at the forefront of aviation and aerospace regulation for this extraordinary half-century, promoting safety, enjoying the trust and confidence of those that we regulate, and ensuring that we deliver the best possible outcomes for consumers and the industry. As the UK’s aviation and space regulator, the Civil Aviation Authority is proud and excited to play its part in enabling and securing that future", said Caa Chairman Stephen Hillier

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