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Plane crash in China: B-737/800 in flight again

Inspections continue after the serious event. Sunday first connection after one month

The Asian air carrier China Eastern Airlines is progressively authorizing the return to operation of its fleet consisting in part of about 100 B-737/800 aircraft. This decision comes almost a month after the accident that occurred to one of those models on March 21 last (flight 5735) and cost the lives of 132 people.

The aircraft had crashed in the mountains of Guanxi with no known explanation. There are ongoing investigations on the black boxes that could help to understand the causes of the crash and to better clarify the dynamics. The Chinese company said that it is still inspecting some of its B-737/800s. 

In the meantime, on Sunday morning China Eastern Airlines operated a first flight on the domestic route Kunming-Chengdu, using a B-737/800 that flew for about one hour. In short, a slow return to normality for one of the most popular aircraft models in the world (over 5000) in service mainly on medium-haul routes. 

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