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"Moskva" Russian cruiser sunk by a NATO missile

Indirect confirmation of former Russian President Putin's adviser - VIDEO

Spread in recent hours the first images showing the Russian military ship "Moskva" immediately after being hit by some missiles launched by the Ukrainian army. The video, lasting a few seconds, was posted on social networks by journalist Alec Luhn, former correspondent from Russia of the British newspaper "Telegraph". Meanwhile, confirmation has arrived that the cruiser has sunk.

The warship had been hit when it was off the port of Odessa, in the Black Sea. The video and some photographs would have been taken by the personnel embarked on board a Russian tug belonging to the Black Sea Fleet of the Moscow Navy, according to another British newspaper, the "Guardian". 

The former advisor Sergei Markov of Russian President Vladimir Putin, in an interview with the "BBC", indirectly confirmed that the ship was hit by the Ukrainian armed forces: the missile that sank the cruiser was from NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) and had been transferred to Kiev in January. He reported this during an interview with the British public broadcaster "BBC". As if to say that the loss of the ship was a failure for Russia, but this happened due to the fact that the Kremlin is fighting not only Ukraine, but against a coalition of large states, including the U.S.. 

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Below, the video showing a column of smoke rising from the central part (the engine room) of the Russian cruiser just hit by the Ukrainian Army. The images are taken from a boat some tens of meters away: the military vessel appears to be tilted on its port side.

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