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Russia-Ukraine: no glimmer of peace

Draghi-Putin phone call yesterday; Kiev intelligence says war could last years

The war between Russia and Ukraine could last for years, with deleterious effects in various sectors around the world. That is why yesterday Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi took the initiative, phoning Russian President Vladimir Putin, who, however, does not seem at all inclined to give up his plans, according to what Kiev intelligence also reiterated in recent hours.

"Putin is not giving up on his plans. This war will drag on until September or October, or the end of the year. It depends on our resistance, the state of our defense forces and the help they give us", explained a Kiev intelligence official, Vadym Skibitskyi, in an interview with "Radio Svoboda". 

In yesterday's phone call between Draghi and Putin, Italy's stated goal was to unblock merchant ships and ships loaded with grain that are stopped in Ukrainian ports. A situation that is causing a global food crisis, particularly in Africa. "I see no glimmer of peace", Draghi reported. However on the unblocking of ports Putin reportedly hinted that there might be glimmers: the condition would be the end of sanctions against Moscow. In short, a vague and not very concrete, but an opening nonetheless, as Italy clarifies its "peace perspective" commitment to Russia. 

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