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Japanese in favor of armaments

Poll shows public opinion mirrors government position

A poll conducted in Japan by the Social Survey Research Center, which specializes in market research, has drawn interesting evidence in the midst of the war between Russia and Ukraine. The 60.9 percent of Japanese citizens believe it is "necessary" for the country to invest in new armaments to acquire "offensive capabilities toward external threats". 

The poll was released by various national media outlets. Reading it in depth, it shows that the percentage in favor of rearmament rises as high as 72.9 percent among Liberal Democratic Party (Ldp) voters, while it stands at 39 percent among supporters of the main opposition force, including the Constitutional Democratic Party (Cdp) which has always held openly pacifist positions.

About the size of the budget to be allocated to defense, only 30.3 percent of respondents believe it should be maintained at the current level, corresponding to about 1 percent of the country's GDP. A snapshot of public opinion that reflects the political position of the ruling Ldp. 

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