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Ukrainian war: death toll and casualties

At least 46,582 dead in Russian and Ukrainian ranks, including civilians and military personnel

The General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces has issued a daily bulletin in which it takes stock of Russian casualties recorded in these more than four months of war in Ukraine. According to Kiev, 35,250 people have died in the ranks of Moscow's armed forces since the day of the armed invasion last Feb. 24. These figures are unverified and far from the monitoring carried out by the British news agency "Reuters", according to which a total of 46,582 people died in the Russian and Ukrainian ranks.

In addition, according to Kiev, the Russian armed forces lost 1567 tanks, 3704 armored vehicles, 778 artillery systems, 243 multiple rocket launchers, 102 anti-aircraft defense systems. According to the bulletin, the Kiev army also neutralized 217 aircraft, 185 helicopters, 2589 motor vehicles, 14 naval units, and 636 drones belonging to Kremlin soldiers. 

For its part, Moscow's defense minister retorts with figures regarding the number of Ukrainian military assets neutralized in these four months of war: 218 aircraft, 133 helicopters, 1382 drones, 350 anti-aircraft missile systems, 3837 tanks and other armored fighting vehicles, and 3037 guns and artillery pieces. 

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