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ITA Airways: Certares strengthens its hiring plan

To rise to 5200 employed in 2024 and other grafts with the opening of new routes

The exclusive negotiation for the privatization of the Italian airline ITA Airways, between the Ministry of Economy and Finance (Mef) and a Franco-American consortium led by the US investment fund Certares, together with the carriers Air France and Delta Air Lines. Among the innovations that emerged from the first face-to-face is the possibility of starting a few thousand new hires.

This is a choice dictated by the need to make a qualitative leap to transform the airline into a global player in cargo and passenger transport. The company aims to have 4,600 people hired by 2023 and then rise to 5200 employed in 2024. The grafts of workers would continue more slowly in 2025 (200 new entries): but Certares hopes to increase the pace with the opening of the new routes in the North American and Latin American markets.

This is an expansion plan that opens a glimpse of the Italian air transport sector, where the bankruptcy of the former Alitalia company, now under extraordinary administration, is still an open wound. Not only from the point of national pride, rather from the point of view of the costs to pay the layoffs to former employees (there were 8000 in January 2022): 257.1 million euros will be needed between 2022 and 2023. Reduced sum ITA Airways assumes.

Considering that the center-right got in the way, asking that the negotiation be left in the hands of the next government, six directors of ITA Airways (appointed by the Mef) proposed the upright magistrate Raffaele Squitieri, president emeritus of the Court of Auditors, at the helm of the internal Supervisory Body.

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