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Amsterdam Airport stops private planes

Banned use of the take-off and landing runways from 2025

Stop from 2025 to private flights arriving and departing from the Dutch airport of Amsterdam-Schiphol. The airport management company Royal Schiphol Group will formalized the ban by 2026. The decision aims to reduce air and noise pollution over the capital, however it is likely that the aircraft will move to the nearby airports of Den Haag or Lelystad, still burdening Dutch territory.

A decision contested by the European Business Aviation Association (Ebaa), which brings together European air carriers operating business travel. In its opinion, in fact, private flights do not pollute much, being generally carried out with small planes and equipped with modern technologies, therefore less polluting. Furthermore, in 2022 Amsterdam-Schiphol airport hosted 16,456 flights of these jets: a drop in the bucket if you think of the 500,000 scheduled and cargo flights that the Dutch airport handles every year.

Also for this reason, the decarbonisation strategy of the manager Royal Schiphol Group foresees that, within the next three years, operations at the airport will be interrupted between 23:59 and 5:00 in the morning; moreover, the use of the take-off and landing runways will be prohibited for older aircraft. With this measure, the Dutch government aims to reduce annual flights in the Netherlands from 500,000 to 460,000.

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