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Russia will receive more than 100 military attack aircraft T-50 Pak FA by 2017

Moscow, Russia - The extremely advanced aircraft will deploy the current national air fleet in the view of rearmament

The Russian military air fleet will be deployed by 2017 with 100 new and advanced multi-role fighter aircraft of 5th generation with stealth characteristics, developed by Sukhoi for the Moscow aviation. The T-50 Pak FA will be part of the rearmament program that the government of the Kremlin carries forward from 2010 and which is expected to end in 2020, which also includes new helicopters and other military equipment, as stated to the press yesterday by the commander of the aerospace forces Viktor Bondarev. The plan aims at modernizing the 70% of the national armaments and it is proceeding fast; the State has allocated large funds so that only in 2014 the ministry of defence spent 2.3 trillion rubles (60 billion dollars) of this money every fifth ruble was allocated to the renewal of the nuclear missile shield. The T-50 will be the first stealth aircraft in service with the Russian air force. As with all aircraft invisible to radar, this one uses the special geometry of the wings and ailerons, composite materials, special paints, while the engine compressors are hidden by a coil and special elements to lock the radar waves. It 's still early and difficult to determine the real effectiveness of the solutions adopted, but according to the analysis of many experts should have the performance in line with Western production.

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