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Is it borned in Europe a common aircraft fleet of C-130? The fleet will arrive where the A-400M didn't

Berlin, Germany - The common need seems to be for Germany, The Netherlands, USA, Britain and France an aircraft capable of operating on short runways or non-existent and...

A common airplane-fleet composed of Lockheed C-130 aircraft that will operate where for logistical reasons can not be used the European Airbus A-400M. This should be the project, according to rumors of a source remained anonymous, of a co-financed plan of which are discussing Germany, The Netherlands, USA, Britain and France (countries that have in the fleet specimens of ductile C-130) to have a limited number of transport aircraft capable of operating even in remote areas of the world where they exist small and poorly structured airports; able to take the load of army or food on short or even non-existent runways. Apparently the initiative is promoted by the German defence ministry to cover the shortcomings highlighted by the Bundeswehr (Alemannic Armed Forces), when had to act in the North African Mali with its A-400M: in that case the aircraft was too large and heavy, and unsuited to the orographic conditions, climatic and logistical structure of the country. And always in that case unsuitable to special operations forces. On defense projects in Berlin also there would be the purchase -for the time being only limited to one-digit number- of other specimen of C-130. According to its military analysts in fact Germany in 2021 is deprecating the least of its glorious but antiquated air transport dating back to the sixties C-160 Transall. And if it fails to provide a timely replacement will face a skills gap. With Germany stands Paris, who according to the same source also in this case goes "Hand in hand" with Merkel. In fact the talks with France would be at an advanced stage. Add to this even the military forces of our cousins ​​across the Alps have a C-160 with the same need of rejuvenation. And despite the fact that the Nation has already ordered more C-130 to fill the gaps caused by the late delivery of its A-400M, it did not do so in sufficient numbers to replace the Transall. Moreover, these also require aircraft with threefold transmission capacity, with the airlifter and tanker. The latter for the refuelling of its helicopters especially in the missions of special forces in the conflict areas. Same thing goes for Germany, which in 2022 will replace its heavy CH-53G Sea Stallion: of the 112 purchased, even the service of the ninety Heeresflieger (the Army), but Luftwaffe plans foresee in the future to reduce the number to twenty CH-53G, forty CH-53GA and twenty CH-53GS. So by then also this with the arrival of new heavy transport helicopters will face the problem of their air refuelling. And therefore is clear that looking at Europe, at least France and Germany meditate on the purchase of new C-130, for the joy of the American Lockheed Martin. But with regard to the future of the European rival Airbus could always answer churning out a version A-400M can meet the same requirements.

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