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Russia prepares a substitute of the AN-124 aircraft

Moscow, Russia - Aviastar appointed to design a new airplane

The Antonov AN-124 Ruslan is a four engined, turbofan of strategic transport at high wing airplane, developed in the URSS in the '80s and built by Ukrainian Antonov. It is the greatest cargo aircraft manufactured in series (larger of the equivalent Lockheed C-5 Galaxy of the US Air Force to which the load record was stolen for height). Smaller than the "Older brother" AN-225 Mriya. Now, due for ancient, and to the political vicissitudes that have brought to the big Russian-Ukrainian crisis -without to count the new strategy by Putin who has decided to centralize as much as possible of the industrial production in terms of defence- the construction of the airplane has been suspended since 2004 and due to the collapse of the political situation according to the Russian Commercial business Vice-Minister already announced to that period, abandonned definitively, thing that would leave an open position from now to the immediate future, when Moscow will have the need to replace it. The Russian Aviastar (part of United Aircraft Corporation, UAC) appointed to design a new aircraft in its facility in Ulyanovsk, that before Antonov already produced AN-124s. For this reason the councilor representative of industry, Andrey Kapustin , declared: "Currently, we are looking for different choices for the construction of a new Russian airplane. However, the project is still in a design phase". Today the facility in Ulyanovsk is handling the upgrades to the 100 variant of the AN-124, that will finalized in 2018.

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