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Leonardo-Finmeccanica at the "2016 Farnborough International Airshow"

London, UK - Showcasing its new name, company reorganization and broad range of products

Leonardo-Finmeccanica is a key exhibitor at the "2016 Farnborough International Airshow" which takes place in the UK from 11 to 17 July with a new profile, the result of the deep reorganization of the company undertaken by the CEO and General Manager Mauro Moretti. The most important exhibition in the sector, the Airshow gives Government and industry experts and visitors from across the world, the opportunity to see what Leonardo-Finmeccanica has to offer as a newly formed single entity operating in Aerospace, Defence and Security, with a strong focus on areas where it is technology and product leader. The new name "Leonardo" and the new logo are a symbol of this change and it is presented for the first time at the "Farnborough International Airshow". Its presence reflects the expertise and characteristics of an integrated international player operating through seven divisions able to consolidate its position in markets of reference. Leonardo’s presence at the show reflects its unified commercial offering through a selection of the company's solutions focused on the main areas of interest to the customer: prevent (the gathering of data, images and information through satellites or maritime, land and air space monitoring), Protect (from the Galileo satellite navigation system to the Grand Mobile Kronos radar), Respond (the entire range of avionics for fighter aircraft such as the Eurofighter), as well as customer support and training solutions, all showcased in the Leonardo Pavilion. There is also a large static display area exhibiting itshelicopters (various configurations including the AW-189, AW-159, AW-149, AW-169 and AW-101), a mock-up of the T-100 for the US, based on the advanced M-346 trainer, as well as unmanned aircraft such as the Falco EVO for fixed wing, and the SD-150 Hero, rotary wing, specialized in surveillance missions. The C-27J twin engine transport aircraft will also be showcased operated by the customer.

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