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USAF has lack of fighter aircraft's pilots, a trend destined to increase...

Washington, Usa - A "Silent crisis" that threats exigencies of the US Armed Forces deployed in the world. Which strategy to remedy?

USAF (US Air Force) is living a great lack of fighter aircraft's pilots and thinks about strategies to put use to solve to shortage destined to increase up to -500-700 pilots only within the end of the FY 2016. The secretary of the air force, Deborah Lee James and the new Chief of Staff General David Goldfein unveiled it in an editorial published on "Defence One". This trend to leave the Armed Force created until now "A gap of 21% among we have" in terms of "Experts of the cloche"(Ed notice) "And that it is necessary to us to meet exigencies of our captains at worldwide", it is reported. A particularly worrying lack because the phenomenon is occurring in a moment in which it is trying to align with difficulty the scarcity of pilots with the new exigencies imposed by the fight against Daesh, from war in Afghanistan and from the reinforcement of the positions of alliances in East Europe and in Asia. "We must not to commit mistakes. This is a silent crisis that surely will worsen before that a strategy will be found to remedy. When it is to fill our cockpits and to solve lacks of staff we have a very low margin of error", James and Goldfein underlined, implying that the need mustn't reduce the level of quality on the professional qualification. USAF is thinking to different solutions to stop up this escape; mainly increase of the fighters' pilots salaries, that today they collect annual bonus of USD 25,000, sum remained unchanged since 1999, that is in few words: in the time it eroded by the inflation. Clearly it's the same the world over, and the cuts to defence are also in the US skies. These air experts, paid relatively not many but for hightly demanding training the Governments invest a forturne, are attracted by the commercial air transport sector. It happened already in Italy many years ago; it occurred mainly now in the USA. The airlines make as drive to the phenomenon. In particular in the USA all pilots in the Vietnam war relocated to the civil will retire. And they have to to be replaced with colleagues with at least 1500 flight hours: where look for them, if not in the military field "Attracting them" with handsome profits? "We know as experince that the money is not all", secretary and general underlined, but seen the times it is easy to choose between a military career and a handsome salary in the civil. In this context "Bonus aimed can make the difference". The money is not all it is real, but the money turn the world... and in the light of this unfortunately brutal consideration that leaves a few space to the old ideals, a second solution appears to us sharp insufficiently (and not wise) on which the Armed force is working: revoke those pilots in the cockpit now employed in administrative tasks, with risk to create a gap to stop up another one...

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