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Alitalia: airplane in delay (12 hours) for Italian athletes going to Rio. Why?

Rome, Italy - The airline seems to suffer from lack of aircraft for long routes. Where are the planes promised by Etihad though?

The airplane of the carrier held by Luca Montezemolo should have left today at 9:00 am to Rio de Janeiro (or at least that is what Alitalia said), and this is how our athletes are being one day late for the training. What has happened? Since we are in Summer it is not due to bad weather. Maybe was the delay due to unavailability of airplanes or a technique problem? For now, the reasons why the Italian athletes are still stuck in Rome are unknown. But where did our athletes and their couriers spend last night? Were they Alitalia’s guests? In the list of those who had to leave yesterday at 9:50 pm there was a great delegation of Italian athletes, including some fencers; among them the champion of épée Rossella Flamingo awaited on August the 6th, first day of the Olympics. On the list appeared also other athletes of skeet shooting. What is happening to Alitalia though? It seems that the airline has less and less airplanes to use for long routes: rumour has it maybe this is why the airline seems to have wet-leased a Boeing 777 from a Portuguese airline? Where are the airplanes promised by Etihad when it bought 49% of Alitalia to relaunch the Italian airline?

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