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Only military aircraft for Piaggio Aerospace

Genoa, Italy - The Ligurian company in deep economic crisis renounces to a slice of production

Piaggio Aerospace presented in the last days to the syndicates in the Italian Ministry of Economic Development an industrial plan contemplating possible new funds dedicated only to military programs. In particular as far as the UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, at remote control) P-1HH HammerHead still in prototypal phase, which was already distributed to the United Arab Emirates and seems to interest Italy as well. Although the company said that they will make this project real only when Italy presents a written order, for this year no funds were dedicated to the model, not even for the future. The Ligurian Company is therefore forced to halve the staff, reducing it of 132 unities. Moreover the 500 workers already depending on unemployment insurance will not find any other collocations in the company. In 2014 Piaggio Aerospace presented a plan until 2017, which was not sufficient to balance the conspicuous debt (in December 2013 it amounted to 476 million Euro) despite the intervention of Mubadala Development Company which bought 100% of the company in 2015. Ligurian deputies do not give up, demanding that the Government intervenes giving directions to the company: “It is unacceptable that such an industrial patrimony is consumed because of wrong choices of the company and the lack of a strategy".

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