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Indonesia: cargo airplane landed in emergency without undercarriage: it transported fuel. Anxiety... -VIDEO

Wamena, Indonesia - Moments of worry while it slided with two engines at contact with runway, given out sparks and smoke

A B-737/347 cargo airplane (registration PK-YSY, TGN-7321 flight) served by Trigana Air Service with three on board this morning (at 07:33am local hour) undergone substantial and irreparable damages in the landing phase at the Indonesian airport of Wamena, where it touched ground in emergency and without landing gear due to a failure to the extraction device. Luckily without to cause victims or injured. Moments of clear and strong anxiety while the airplane slided on the belly and with both engines at contact with runway, creating a strong friction that gave off sparks and smoke, as video shows it. The cargo had a lot of fuel in the tanks and transported a load of 50 barrels of liquid (8500 kg as weight) and 27 vats of diesel (5103 kg), besides to 750 kilos of sugar and around 50 of other products. Took off from "Sentani Airport" in Jayapura, Papua's capital, the pilot noticed to have a broken wheel and a failure to the retractable undercarriage. Then he asked to land in emergency. The runway of the airport is still closed for the checks and to remove fragments left on the tarmac strip by the airplane. Below, the video:

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