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Motivations on the request of sentence for Mauro Moretti

Viareggio, Italy - Why 16 years requested by the public prosecutor? One of the advocates of the Viareggio massacre answers

The proxy has asked for 16 years of detention for Moretti. We remind how he has been accused in the legal action of Viareggio for the violations according to the articles 423 (fire), 449 (culpable crimes of damage), 589 (culpable homicide), 590 (culpable injuries), 430 (rail disaster). The railway disaster, a more serious violation among those ascribed to Moretti, is punished with the maximum penalty of 15 years that in this case has increased for the continuation with other crimes arriving so to the overall punishment of 16 years of detention. The request by the public prosecutor has been that heavier among those regarding the accused for Viareggio's massacre in my opinion as Eng. Moretti, inside the Railway Group, was a factotum, he managed and took decisions also regarding the company investments that in the goods sector, we know, were intended to the saving. The conviction request to a so high penalty is justified exactly for this as the Proxy has wanted to underline that there is a responsible for the massacre of Viareggio this must be identified precisely and first in Moretti. Obviously there are requests by the Proxy to which the Court can disocciate and then it will know only at the verdict pronounced (probably at early December) if Moretti will be considered responsible or not. It is certain that the work by Proxy has been so specialized and laudable that it is difficult to move away and not share the conclusions to which it has arrived. Surely the Moretti's situation in this period will not be easy finding himself, as it's said, on thin ice also as assigned of a senior position inside Finmeccanica. It is clear that who was stake of such company or invest in it should then well consider this situation that could see Eng. Moretti sentenced also if obviously this conviction should be then confirmed in all of the three case status. In my modest point of view I try to share the conclusions of the Proxy under this aspect considering that the request proposed is also balanced to the other requests of sentence for the other indicted. Lawyer Fabrizio Bartolini.

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