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Airplanes, State aid and WTO. USA vs EU: Boeing wins, Airbus loses. All square, the match continues... -Specials

Rome, Italy - And while with appeals and counter-appeals the two giants argue in front of World Trade Organization, COMAC enjoys

We are at the dawn of a new battle with stamp documents in front of the judges of the WTO (World Trade Organization) that cyclically find to express on what happens from this or the other side of the ocean. To face the two aerospace giants, European and American Airbus (consortium today Group composed by France, Germany, Spain and UK) and Boeing, unique subject of that industrial duopoly that in the world has operated and ruled undisturbed for decades, except China of COMAC that in the last years tries to put its paw. Strong of a flourishing market in any sector of interest: defence, security, space, design and production of civil and military airplanes and helicopters, UAV or UAS and enjoying it seems both one and the other of any form of State aid (legal or unlawful). But it is about this that in front of WTO the two industrial giants blame each other, since time after have benefitted themselves of State subsidies. For example to come out to reach the aim to have an "European champion" in the sector, Europe has granted for years favorable conditions in the form of subsidies and fiscal unloads to Airbus, in fact the industry has been always protagonist of the negotiating tables on the free exchange within WTO on the base of GATT (General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade) between USA and European Union. Because this is a war that besides of the two industrial powers involves the governments of Europe and USA nearly for the great interests at stake. Commercial manoeuvres sometime according to the same Authorities applied without to mind to decrees of the free competition. To say one, forms of State aid the Europe has supplied to Airbus for the project of the A-350 airplane (without to consider the difficult event of the A-400M and of its costs increased in the years, and theories make also on A-380). But from the other part of the Atlantic USA supplied money to Boeing for that that would have been the rival of the A-350XWB, the B-787 Dremliner. On their legality or less WTO found to decided as answer to appeals and counter-appeals of both the parts. Now a new development: a committee for the meet the WTO rules expressed its opinion in a document. This consideres that EU has not eliminated as requested the maxi-subsidies that the continental Governments have given to create and support Airbus for over 40 years, with USD 17 billion according World Trade Organization. More: rather then to remede, the member States of the EU had supplied new illegal aid (it would seem USD 5 bn, but the conditional is duty) for the launch of the A-350XWB. "It seems tha the A-350XWB could not be launched and introduced on the market without aid", the document reported. A pronouncement that directs the wind in favour to the Seattle's giant, Boeing. But it is only the last episode of a long standing soap opera to which certainly there is not the word END with the opinion expressed yesterday. The developments will not put off to arrive, another appeal too, you are certain this is so... For the enjoy by COMAC (Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China) that in 2011 has marked another stage of its scale signing an agreement with the Canadian Bombardier Aerospace for a strategic cooperation of long term in terms of design and construction of civil airplanes. Aim: break the duopoly. And in the meanwhile the Chines program of C-919, twin-jet of short and medium haul that will go to compete with the A-320 and wìth the B-737 Because when two people fight, the third one wins... See for details AVIONEWS 1. It is possible to see the different documents in the "Specials" section of the English AVIONEWS home-page.

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