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Airplanes and science: delays will be mathematically calculated

Cosenza, Italy - This result thanks to formulas studied by researchers from Calabria University

Not only trains, subway and buses: airplanes too are often late. The news is that a meaningful contribution from DIMES department for engineering studies -belonging to Calabria University- could help us to solve all those often never-ending waits. As a matter of fact, a research group is currently working at a data collection and processing system, whose purpose is to calculate delay margin related to any flight. The system is supposed to pledge a 74.2% precision result, which is calculated on a 15-minute delay. We can have a wider percentage if we consider a 60-minute delay: 85.8%. As professor Domenico Talia -one of the scientific supervisors- said, the study was conducted on 260 million information between January 2009 and December 2013, without ignoring anything: departure and arrival time and weather conditions connected to that. Every information passed then through Random forest, which is an ensemble learning method using casually generated decisions. If confirmed, those results would be economically important: we have to remember that, according to a 2010 study conducted by Berkeley University in California, domestic flight delays cost 32.9 billion dollars dent just into the Usa, calculating the impact on airlines, passengers and lost demands.

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