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Osprey tilt-rotor (airplane-helicopter): after the crash the flights resumed in Japan -2 VIDEO

Tokyo, Japan - Tokyo had explanations. The activities started again with the exclusion of the refuelling in flight, on which the inquiry continues

The MV-22 Osprey tilt-rotor (hybrid, between airplane and helicopter) returns to fly in Japan, after its grounding requested by the Tokyo's Government due to the crash that made it protagonist last Tuesday off the coast of Okinawa (east of the Nago city). The aircraft in service to the US Marine Corps with five crewmembers on board belonging to the 36th Marine Aircraft Group of the 1st Marine Aircraft Wing, was crashed in shallow sea while it was deployed in a drill and in a refuelling in flight phase. All five occupants were admitted to the US naval hospital in Camp Foster. Only the last of a series of occurrences and of more or less serious crashes that cyclically raise protests of the authorities and of Japanese population, for the American activity on the territory with an aircraft considered a few safe according the public opinion. The recovery of the flights has been confirmed today by the American military authorities on the isle after that a tilt-rotor model was taken off from the US air base in Futenma. The captain of the American forces in Japan, the Liet. Gen. Jerry Martinez declared that on the crash has been conducted "A deepened, careful and complete examination", and on facts an explanation has been given to the Tokyo's Government. "While the inquiry is ongoing, we are very confident in our evaluation that the cause of the occurence is due to exclusively to the rotor blades entered in contact with the grab of the aircraft". In fact it was this the explanation given soon after the event, so as soon the crash has been defined by American as "unforeseen difficult": easy to minimize in an already tense mood by different crashes also deadly and not only. And worry is in fact has been soon expressed by Okinawa's head Takeshi Onaga, among the openly critics regarding the military presence of the US in the Country: these has defined "Shameful" the recovery of the Osprey flights. This despite the "Soft" spirit by the central Government: "The explanation of the USA for that regarding is reasonable... It is clear that the flights restart, except for refuelling in flight", at the heart of the crash (Ed notice) on which the inquiry continues- the Government's spokesperson, Yoshihide Suga unveiled to the press. The spirit of Japan is passive, but it have to deal with the general dissatisfaction caused not only by the problem linked to the Osprey, but also to the presence of about US 47,000 soldiers on the isle (of which more than half designated to Okinawa and round about), accused by the civilian for facts of rapes, accidents and attacks. A not easy coexistence under the aegis of many ten year alliance that starts to weight to common citizens mainly residents in Okinawa. See for details AVIONEWS. Below, a video filmed shortly after the crash of Tuesday, and a second on the landing on deck of the MV-22B models on the Japanese "Hyuga" aircraft carrier:

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