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Airplane hijacked in Malta (2): all hostages released -2 VIDEO

Valletta, Malta - All safe, 82 men, 28 women, a baby and 7 crewmembers

It had a positive end at 1:00pm (local hour) the hijacking to the Airbus A-320 airplane of the Libyan airline Afriqiyah Airways, flight 8U209, seems by two Libyans of "Gaddafi" power, improvised hijackers seems armed of grenades threatened to explode aircraft. The reasons of the geisture have not been known yet. After the landing at the Maltese airport the release has occurred gradually after a two hours of negotiations followed in person by the prime minister of the isle Joseph Muscat, in permanent telephone contact with the Libyan counterpart Faez al Serraj. On board of the airplane, registration 5A-0NB, 118 people (82 men, 28 women, a baby and 7 crewmembers). The aircraft was operating a domestic link between the airports of Sebbha and Tripoli. Currently in which we write then the destiny of the two hijackers has not been known, one of them has waved a green flag, according to the local authorities. It seems that radio communication with airplane interrupted shortly after taking-off, and that pilot has tried a turnback to land again from the departure airport; and then to Malta. See for details AVIONEWS. Below, two video; one regarding landing, the other one release in two parts of the people on board:

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