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Aircraft occurrences in India at the Delhi and Goa Airports -2 VIDEO

Delhi, India - An aborted take-off and a risk of collision at ground

The two serious occurrences happened this morning at GOA and Delhi airports, in India, could have heavy consequences. All it has begun shortly before the dawn when a Boeing B-737/85R scheduled airplane, registration VT-JBG of Jet Airways departed from Dubai to Mumbai with 154 passengers and 7 crewmembers on board made a technical stopover at "GOA Airport" in Dabolim. Here not only it has aborted the takeoff finishing out of the runway after to have continued at 360° the rotation of 180° to side with tarmac strip, but while the passengers were disembarked the nose gear of the airplane has collapsed causing the injuring of 15 people, while both engines entered in contact with the grass ground. Fortunately well also at "Indira Gandhi" airport in Delhi, where shortly after two aircraft, Indigo and SpiceJet respectively for a just barely aren't entered in collision at ground: while the pilot of an airplane with 176 people on board during his manoeuvre to bring the plane at the apron, the second was authorized to take off to Hydearabad. Only the readiness of this second pilot who has blocked the taking-off manoeuvre it has avoided a disaster. The Indian civil aviation authority opened inquiries on both events. The Indian "ANI" reported it a few hours ago. Below, video on the two occurrences:

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