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Aircraft crashes in 2016: a long season of accidents for civil air transport

Rome, Italy - Remembering some of the worst episodes that saddened last year

2016 will be also remembered for some deadly aircraft crashes which caused fatalities in civil air transport. The first accident happened on February 24. A Viking Air DHC-6 Twin Otter 400 aircraft of Nepalese airline Tara Air crashed shortly after takeoff from airport of Pokhara in Nepal. The airplane was going to the near airport of Jomson (Nepal) with 23 people on board. It had to be a 20 minute flight. In poor visibility conditions due to the presence of thick cloudbanks, the pilot was unable to avoid the impact with a mountain. No one survived. On March 19, a B-737/8KN (WL) of airline FlyDubai with registration number A6-FDN and construction year 2010 crashes against the ground while landing to the airport of Rostov, on the Don river in Russia. Also this time weather conditions were unfavourable and the cabin crew was flying manually. After aborting the first approach because of a strong wind alert, the pilot waited and then tried a second fatal approach. The aircraft hit the ground at a speed of 600 km/h. There were no survivors among the 62 people on board. On May 19 at 2:29 am Egyptair flight MS804 from Paris to Cairo goes missing from radars while it is flying over the Mediterranean Sea. 56 passengers and 10 crewmembers die. The aircraft was an A-320/323 with registration number SU-GCC and construction year 2003. Last December investigators reported that traces of explosive were found. The hypothesis of terrorism is therefore probable. An Avro RJ-45 aircraft (construction year 1999 and registration number CP-2933) of the Bolivian airline Lamia -flight 2933- crashes on November 29 because it finished its fuel while it was approaching the airport of Rionegro/Medellin in Colombia. The Brazilian soccer club Chapecoense was on the airplane. Among the 77 people on board, 5 passengers and one crewmember survived. At last, on the night of December 25 a Tu-154B-2 of Russian Army crashed into the Black Sea with 92 people on board, all of them dead. The accident happened shortly after departure from airport of Adler/Sochi at 5:27 am (local time). The aircraft was going to Syria with many well-known personalities and the most of "Alexandrov Ensemble", the famous choir of the Russian Army.

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