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USA-Russia planes: risk of collisions in Syrian skies?

Moscow, Russia - The argument seems to be a new reason for friction between the two Powers

Russian Ministry of Defense by its spokesman Igor Konashenkov did not take long time to reply to American pilots' allegations on their Russian colleagues' behaviour during the operation that are having place in Syrian skies. In a "Wall Street Journal" article published today the USA pilots complained that many times Russian pilots did not respect the 3 miles minimum distance set in the safety regulations approved by USA and Russia in 2015. Russian planes would not answer to radio communications and would not turn on the devices to identify themselves. It seems that to denounce all this there were also high rank American officials among whom General Charles Corcoran. This behaviour could be dangerous for pilots' safety, for the civil population's safety during military operations and could cause a diplomatic incident in case of collision. Kanashenkov replied that nothing of that has ever been reported in any of the meeting that are continually kept with the high ranks of USA Air Force, and confirmed that Russian pilots comply with the regulations. He then accused the American Command to not report all the details on the set operations -as the type of aircraft- but only time frames and a likely flight over area. To be clear: "US Air Force and International Coalition planes prefers to act stealthily, Our US counterparts are not very eager to notify us of their combat sorties".

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