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Airplanes and diplomacy. US-Iran relationships: a time bomb ready to explode. Focus on missile -VIDEO

Washington, Usa - And now the debate enlarges: from aircraft for Iran Air to missile tests of Tehran. UN resolution at risk

It was not enough the "Inspiration" by Trump who last January 27 as promised in the political campaign signed the executive order that has suspended the entry into USA of the citizens of Iran, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Sudan, Somalia and Yemen, and on consequences like wild fire also on the airlines (see for details AVIONEWS). Don't be enough problems that activated by above decree, risk to have heavy effects on the aerospace industry of the Country, read Boeing and its recent maxi-contract fro USD 16,6 bn with Iran Air for supply of 80 airplanes, 50 of the B-737 model and 30 B-777, as written by AVIONEWS). And now missile test made in the last days from Tehran, when from the shooting range around Semnan, far from 140 miles east of the capital, has launched a balistic missile at high precision of medium range Khorramshahr, whose return would be failed. The 2231 resolution violated? Now the focus of the new crisis is: the launch violates the 2231 resolution that regulates the agreement on nuclear reached between Iran and Obama's administration? According to USA, YES because potentially able to transport nuclear warhead, so that last Tuesday USA asked to the UN Security Council to gather about this matter. Obviously NO according to Iran. Because the Islamic Republic has not this kind of weaponry, and has not violated this resolution. In addition the test is in the context of its defence program. "Trump is a beginner of the politics. The reason of his anger is in the fact that the agreement recognizes our right to enrich the uranium", the President Hassan Rohani declared it. The American answer arrived, and on behalf of the President has replied its councilor for the national security, Michael Flynn: "The recent Iranian actions, included the challenging balistic missile launch, and the attack against a Saudi ship by houthi militia supported by Tehran, underline the destabilizing behaviour of the Islamic Repubic in the Middle East. The launch of the missile is also in violation of the 2231 resolution of the UN Security Council". Flynn has not stopped here, continuing to accuse the Iranians to have trained the militia of the Yemen's houthi, that after having attack the Saudi and Emirate ships, threat now those US -and of its allies- that are on the waters of the Red Sea. After too much flexible behaviour by Obama, with Trump the things will change, the councilor added threating: "From today we are officially to warn Iran". Sponge off on the agreement? In a few hours a sponge off on the diplomatic easing of tensions reached so hardly by the previous administration. And the missile test could be for Washington the starting point to tear up the agreement on nuclear. And at this point two scenarios would be opened: a renegotiation of the contract that predicts the inclusion of the veto to the missile tests (difficult that Iran accepts it, because according some analysts the test has been controlled by the more intransigent Iranian conservatives exactly to cause the reaction by Trump and to "blow up" the agreement reached by the current President and Obama), or to apply new sanctions to the Country. Currently USA of Trump have Israel, that considers the test a "Violation in the act" of the resolution. "There is no doubt that other sanctions are necessary against Iran", the intelligence and strategic matters minister, Israel Katz declared it. The friendship violated at its beginning of Putin with Trump at least on this side. Russia in fact doesn't agree considering on the contrary that there is no any violation, as it is a medium range missile, not strategic. Probably both will discuss in the first bilateral summit fixed between the end of June and the early July, together to other matters as those regarding Ukraine and Syria. Below, the declarations by Flynn:

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