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Engine problem for A-400M plane, German minister has to change aircraft

Kaunas, Lithuania - The inconvenience happened yesterday. German Army had just said they wanted to order more A-400Ms than those already planned

German minister of defence Ursula von der Leyen was coming back from Lithuania -where she went to see the German military contingent stationed in the Baltic Country- when she was obliged to change her plane because of a technical failure to the engines of the A-400M that was supposed to fly her back. The inconvenience was reported on Tuesday by the same minister. According to military sources the aircraft is the first transport aircraft for tactical operations that was delivered to Germany by Airbus last December (for details see AVIONEWS). German government ordered 53 A-400Ms of which a second one was probably delivered in the last weeks, and 13 units should be re-sold. Just before the inconvenience appreciation for the aircraft had been shown, together with the wish to have more units. The A-400M is a strategic transport aircraft with improved self-defence systems, with the abilities to air-drop cargo loads and paratrooping, the capability to refuel other aircrafts and the ability to take-off and land in extreme conditions and temperatures. Last December the minister said that Germany invested around 10.2 billion dollars in its development, a bigger amount of money than the budgeted 8.1 billion dollars. On May 9, 2015 an A-400M crashed in Seville (Spain) because of a problem to the software that controls the engine system and 4 people died in the accident (for details see AVIONEWS 1, 2 and 3).

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