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Aircraft and strikes (2). Uiltrasporti: "Grave and unacceptable violations by easyJet Italia"

Rome, Italy - The declarations by its general secretary Claudio Tarlazzi

Also the flight assistants of easyJet Italia adherent to Uiltrasporti will participate tomorrrow at the four hour strike in the air transport. The protest is due to company's refusal to recognize right of union representation democratically chosen by workers, and for numerous contractual and law violations made by the company in the organization of the work shifts, in the distribution of specific pay items and in the social protections. "This antilabor behaviour by easyJet damages not only workers' rights, but the same democracy of the Italian Country", Claudio Tarlazzi, general secretary of Uiltrasporti explained it. He added: "Until now the approach of this company to the legal protests of its flight assistants has been only of closure, despite availability to debate and sense of sacrifice demonstrated until now by the workers. It is then unacceptable under any point of view- Tarlazzi continued- what easyJet Italy is carrying out in these hours, finding to employ for tomorrow (Feburary 23) staff expressly transferred from foreign bases in Italy, at the only purpose to neutralize legal strike action by Italian crew personnel. It is an illegal act besides to demonstrate very low consideration by the company towards own employees, to regulation laws of the strikes and to rights and rules of the Italian Country". "Informed of inevitable discomforts to users, as Uiltrasporti we would continue in the fight action with ways also legal, denouncing grave violations at appropriate offices predicted by law committed by easyJet Italia, to protect employees and rights of the Italian workers". About the many other strikes see also AVIONEWS.

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