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Planes and helicopters. With Brexit hard times might lie ahead for Babcock (formerly Inaer Aviation)

Rome, Italy - New spaces might open in the future of Alitalia's employees

By spring the Italian Ministry of Interior and Civil Defence will put the the fire-fighting service by Canadair airplanes and helicopters out to tender. Until today many competitions were won by Inaer, now Babcock, an English company. But with Brexit having been decided a few days ago by the British Government, according to last year referendum, it would be strange if the balance among firms that take part in public competitions inside the European Union would not change. Great Britain, that even if it never signed the agreements on a Single European Currency benefitted from the positive aspects of many Economical treaties with Countries in the Union, now shall also get ready to lose dominant positions in strategic areas. One of them certainly is the fire-fighting service by Canadair airplanes and helicopters. In Italy and in Europe there are in fact other companies that can provide the same service. There is no reason to give the operations of fire-fighting flights in Italy to a Country which is now completely non-EU. But there is something more: until a few years ago this service was handled by Alitalia. Today, with the crisis of the former national airline and with the necessity to find new jobs for many flight crews, fire-fighting could be one of the areas that might be given again to structures that belong to Alitalia. It is a market area that should be anyway taken into consideration in the business plan of Alitalia and by Italian Ministers who are involved in it. There is no nationalist intent, but if Her Majesty's subjects decided not to be European they shall consciously accept the good and the bad sides of that.

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