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Planes and new technologies. A "robot" for meals and drinks on board? - VIDEO

Rome, Italy - An electronic device for offering personalized services to passengers might replace the traditional trolley pushed by flight attendants

In a near future an automatic electronic trolley might appear on commercial planes instead of the traditional one that is pulled by flight attendants. The device which is now in a development stage might serve meals and beverages to passengers and collect their garbage. Andreas Maier and Rudiger Ebeling of Altran -a global innovation and engineering consulting firm- explained the details of the project to the website Runway Girl Network. After passing the first steps of development regarding the mobility of the device and its capability to deliver meals and beverages ad to collect garbage, its inventors want to enhance the offer to passengers: besides functioning as a real vending machine, the device could even be pre-loaded according to passengers' requests. At the moment the trolley has a standard size to fit the already existing dedicated spaces, but a way to make it smaller and prevent that it be an obstacle in the aisle is being studied. The prototype -equipped with motion sensors- is today controlled by the operator; in the future it will be connected to a cabin wifi network which shall not interfere with the operations of the aircraft -on which engineers say to be already working together with Airbus- and its level of autonomy will be decided by the cabin crew. Below, a video with a prototype of the device:

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