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Airplanes. A demilitarized Mig-21 for sale: a part of history at auction

Lucerne, Switzerland - Offer valid until tomorrow. It doesn't fly, but it is purchaseable soon at 9000 CHF

Certainly it is always an armament, whose sale would be banned on the Swiss on-line sales website "", but it is a single engined demilitarized MiG-21 jet airplane (and not able to fly) at auction. But it is a glorious model in service at the end of the '70s, produced in Russia in over 10,000 units, and that for this reason it had the record of fighter more produced in the Air Force history. This MiG is at auction by a private who is closing the sale activity of military articles, and that until now exposed the airplane as attraction for own marketing. It is situated in the San Gallo Canton, in Montlinger (Switzerland) and has an initial price of CHF 7,000. In the information it is possible to read that it is 15.75m long, 7.16 lenght and 4,10m heigh, Its empty weight is 5 t and it is without turbine (in origin a Tumanskij R-11F-300 from 5750 kg of thrust). If two or three tools are excluded, the cockpit is complete, the saleperson said it, included of a functioning ejection seat, and in the complex the fighter is in a good status. Dismantling, load and transport and the risks to them connected are at the expense and responsibility of the buyer, according to the advertisement. This aircraft was developed in the Soviet Union in the '50s and fully expresses design capability of the famous Sovietic aeronautical engineers Artëm Ivanovič Mikojan and Michail Iosifovič Gurevič , whose initials composed the acronym of all MiG series. Not many units remained in the world. Three of these, two Mig-21F-13 and a -21U/400 are kept in the Aviation Museum in Bucharest. Rare are those able to fly in the hands of the collectors at worldwide. The bid expires tomorrow, on April 21, at 6:10am (local hour). And now there were three offers that have brought it to CHF 7400. But also if with clipped wings it has attracted the attention you can acquire it soon at CHF 9000.

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