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Airplanes and crisis. Morane Saulnier MS-885 Super Rallye aircraft in the hangar at Locarno airport

Locarno, Switzerland - Valuation: CHF 2000. Auction base O CHF, with raising from 100 upwards

Effect of the crisis and companies failures, and at the auction houses it is possible to find all. Also the aircraft certainly, always improperly categorized among the luxury goods. Certainly it is not the case of this beautiful sample of Morane Saulnier, estimated CHF 2000 and put on sale from the office in Locarno after the failure of the Hydrodinamic company, owner of the airplane. The unit at auction estimated CHF 2000 is a MS-885 Super Rallye, registration HB-EDD dated back to 1962, manufacturing number 56. It is a four seater with MTOW of 850 kg, engine model 0-300-A. The auction is fixed for next May 23 at 3:00pm at the Locarno airport, Via Aeroporto 1, 6596 Gordola. On the website of the Ticino Canton Republic, in the Justice section (Implementation and failures) also the auction conditions reported that we publish entirely. Auction conditions "- Auction base is fixed in CHF 0.00; - the raising between an offer and another is CHF 100.00; - destined to the best bidder after three calls of law (art. 126 LEF); - cash payment and/or cheques issued by the banks underwent to the law on banks (LBCR, in: RS 952.0), collected at the same bank of the Ticino Canton for sum total equal or superior to the hammer price; credit cards are not accepted; - each adjudicatee should validate own identity with the presentation of a valid document; the person who acquires on behalf of a third party in addition should generate a valid proxy; - no ensure of the Office on the good put at auction (art. 234 CO); - For reference the office the good at auction is not ensured. The adjudicatee is careful that according to the art. 54 of the federal law on the insurance policy of April 2nd 1908 (LCA, RS 221.229.1) the rights and duties coming from an eventual insurance contract regarding the good at auction pass to the new owner, but: a) the new owner can refuse for written the transfer of the contract within 30 days from passing of ownership; b) the insurance company can deny the agreement within 14 days from the moment in which has learnt about the identity of the new owner. The agrement is cancelled as soon as possible 30 days from the termination. Nota Bene: These auction conditions are subject to changes for that conform to the auction base in the case in which some offers should arrive".

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