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Switzerland reopened the case of the Swissair airplane exploded in '70, known as "Würenlingen"

Bern, Switzerland - 47 victims. The guilty parties, reknown, did never suffer a trial. New light on the matter that concealled the PLO shadow

The public ministry of the Helvetic Confederation (MPC) received a request for the reopening of the inquiry of that defined as the "Würenlingen case", when on February 21, 1970 a bomb exploded and a Convair CV-990 Coronado airplane of Swissair crashed, took off from the Kloten (Zurich) airport, causing the death of 47 people. That of Würenlingen is considered the most serious terroristic act that has interested the Country, whose supposed guilty parties linked to LPO, also if they were known were not under trial. According to the "Neue Zürcher Zeitung" (and reported by "SwissInfo") wrote in the last days, the request addressed to MPC is explained by a report of the FBI with new suspected: two citizens of then West Germany who would have given help to the Palestinian commando. MPC has confirmed sending of reopening request of the legal action. The request must be still examined and its authors will be informed "in due time" on the result, a spokesperson specified, reported by "SwissInfo". CV-990 Coronado of the Helvetic carrier, SR330 flight, was directed to Hong Kong with stopover in Tel Aviv, Israel. It crashed due to a bomb exploded in the luggage compartment thanks to a machinery connected with an altimeter. The inquiry established that the package with the explosive charge was sent from Munich, for an addressee of Jerusalem. The senders were the Jordanian citizens Sufian Radi Kaddoumi and Badawi Mousa Jahwer, who were never in front of a court. In a book published at early 2016, the journalist Marcel Gyr supported theory that Switzerland and LPO was reached a secret agreement in September 1970, that effectively shelved the inquiry against two supposed guilty parties of the attack. The secret contract, decided during the seizure of another Swissair airplane and other two aircraft in the Jordanian desert, would have been reached by at that time federal councilor Pierre Graber -without ask opinion of the Government colleagues, still the Swiss information body specified it- in a meeting with the responsible of the Foreign Affairs of LPO, Farouk Kaddoumi, organized in Geneva by the ex national councilor Jean Ziegler .

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