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Sixteen marines die as military airplane falls in Mississippi, USA - VIDEO

Jackson, USA - According to a witness there was an explosion. The aircraft then crashed in a field

A KC-130 military airplane of the US Marine Corps fell shortly after 4 pm (local time) on Monday in Mississippi (USA) at about 160 kilometers north of Jackson. A witness said he heard a boom and then saw the aircraft screwing and falling with an engin on fire in a soy field nearby. With the impact the airplane got in pieces. According to local media there would also be some debris in a five miles range. Fire made the rescue difficult. Sixteen corpses were recovered. The aircraft of the US Marine Corps -that in the past was used for the transportation of fuel and other kinds of supplies- had departed from Memphis (USA). The KC-130 is a variant for tactitcal transport and airborne refuelling of the C-130 Hercules by Lockheed, a four-engine turboprop which is mainly used for transport and the launch of troops and supplies but of which more than fourty different versions exist for the most different needs: from firefighting to ground assault, from drones control to electronic warfare and scientific research. Below, a video of the wreckage of the aircraft:

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