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Airplane of Air Canada risks landing on the taxiway at San Francisco: FAA starts investigation

San Francisco, USA - The collision with four aircraft waiting to takeoff was avoided by seconds. It happened on Friday

FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) announced yesterday to have started an investigation on the airplane of Air Canada that on the evening of Friday July 7 was to land on the taxiway at the San Francisco International Airport (USA), where other four aircraft full of passengers were waiting to be cleared for liftoff. The news immediately spread on media, also because the collision was avoided by seconds. It is the late evening of Friday (Saturday morning in Italy) and the airplane of Air Canada -an A-320 coming from Toronto (Canada)- is cleared to landing on runway 28R by the control tower, meteo is good and there is great visibility. Shortly after, the pilot of the aircraft aks for a confirmation, because he sees some lights crossing the runway. The control tower replies it is all right and that runway 28R is empty. At that point the A-320 continues its approach to what instead is the taxiway, where there are four airliners loaded with passengers and fuel, aligned and waiting to be allowed to takeoff: two B-787/9 Dreamliners of United Airlines heading respectively to Singapore and Australia, an A-340/300 of Philippine Airlines to Manila (Philippines) and a B-737/900 also of United Airlines to Orlando (USA). The tragedy was avoided thanks to a pilot of one of the airplanes that were waiting, that saw the aircraft approaching and launched a warning so that the control tower commanded to abort the landing. The A-320 then climbed and flew over the waiting airplanes, the first of which according to a preliminary analysis of the Transportation Safety Board of Canada -that is also investigating the event, as the US National Transportation Safety Board is also doing- at a distance of just 30 meters. Since there are investigations, the airline and pilots did not release any statement. The airplane later landed without any problem. Media underlined how the recognition of runways and taxiways is an important issue, so much that industry developed systems to assist pilots in their correct identification.
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