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Airplanes and climate: the rise of temperatures will have consequences on aviation

Rome, Italy - According to a research the heat of the air will have a significant impact on takeoff of aircraft

A big number of airplanes -among ten and thirty percent- that every year now depart at the hottest times of the day, might be asked in the next decades to reduce their weight at takeoff. To explain it is a scientific study with the title "The impacts of rising temperatures on aircraft takeoff performance" by Ethan D. Coffel, Terence R. Thompson and Radley M. Horton from different American research institutes that was published yesterday on the journal "Climatic Change". The rise of air temperature at constant pressure decreases the air density and consequently lowers the lift of the wings of airplanes. For this reason the researchers developed a model to study the behaviour at takeoff of a sample of five common commercial aircraft at nineteen major airports worldwide, in the possible future environment scenarios of temperature and air quality. The mostly affected airports are those with short runways and with high temperatures or those that are located at high elevations, while medium and large sized airplanes will be compelled to reduce their weight of fuel and passengers at takeoff by an average 0.5 to 4% -according to global carbon emissions in the next years-, with a significant impact on operation costs. For these reasons the resarch underlines the need to consider the problem in the future design of aircraft, of runways and when scheduling flights.
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