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F-35 airplanes and debates. The president of the Defence Committee of the British Parliament wants clarifications

London, United Kingdom - In these days the aircraft was strongly criticized by the English press for its features and price

In the light of the strong criticism about the features and costs of F-35 airplanes that the English newspaper "The Times" reported and that were continued by the press, the president elect of the Defence Committee of the British Parliament Julian Lewis said that an hearing on the topic with the Ministry of Defence would be advisable. In an article that was published on Monday the aviation consultant Pierre Spray -who had already strongly criticized the aircraft in the past- said that the F-35 Lightning II shows some problems among which: overheating, difficulties in high-speed fly at low altitude, and some security issues in telecommunications. Moreover the press underlines how some necessary add-ons and spare parts are not included in the base price, so that the actual cost of a single F-35 Lightning II could reach 150 million pounds, 50 million pounds over what was expected. The United Kingdom acquired 138 aircraft for the Royal Air Force and the Navy. Lewis was re-elected Chair of Defence Committee last week and will formally take up position when the remaining members of the committee will be named.

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