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Airplanes Alitalia, M5S accuses Laghi of conflict of interest

Rome, Italy - On Thursday morning the Italian Government said to the Commission for Productive Activities that there are no irregularities, but the M5S politicians want to see the documents

Serious allegations against the special commissioner of Alitalia Enrico Laghi and the Italian Government were raised yesterday by the deputy of the Movimento 5 Stelle (M5S) Davide Crippa and by other M5S deputies of the parliamentary Commissions for Transports, Productive Activities and Labour. According to the politicians Laghi "is hiding his self-certification", those documents that for the words of the Government and of the commissioner himself would show the regularity of his appointment in these very sensitive time for the Italian airline, but that for the M5S would prove the opposite. Underlining how the Government being questioned on Thursday morning at the Commission for Productive Activities answered that there aren't any irregularities but did not bring the papers, M5S deputies ask: why did Laghi refuse to show his documentation? And they accuse the commissioner of Alitalia of conflict of interest -for his top level appointments in Midco and Cai- and the Government of insulting the intelligence of Italian people by denying that there might have been interferences in the management activities of the airline.

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