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Airplanes Alitalia. The time-limit for the submission of the non-binding tenders expires today

Rome, Italy - The airline that were invited to the second phase of the ban can detail their interest in the carrier

The non-binding preliminary tenders for a possible sale -as a whole or in part- of Alitalia shall be submitted by today. The companies that were admitted to the second stage of the process that started with the "Call for expression of interest finalized to the definition of the extraordinary administration procedure" which was published in May (see AVIONEWS 1 and 2) have been allowed access to the operation data of the Italian air carrier in order to make -if their interest will be confirmed- more specific proposals, but still without economic indications. In this way the commissioners of Alitalia Luigi Gubitosi, Enrico Laghi and Stefano Paleari will be able to evaluate the possible scenarios and the business strategy to adopt. The information on the procedure is confindential and press reports on the still interested companies are often conflicting, sometime also because of news cleverly released by the same air carriers to hide their real interests. On Wednesday in an audition at the Italian Parliament the Minister of Transports Graziano Delrio repeated the importance to preserve the integrity of Alitalia -which as a whole has a potential for development- and to evaluate the offers also on the basis of the investments that will be proposed. Concern is that the possible buyers will be interested only in some of its assets. Anyway the issue of the majority of the shares for European air carriers remains, as decided by the EU regulation (see AVIONEWS). The procedure for the sale should end within this year with the submission in October of the binding offers.
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