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Drone aircraft and safety: new rules in the future in Great Britain

London, United Kingdom - The decision comes after the results of a survey that was published on Saturday and the recent studies on the impact of UAV with aircraft

All Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) above two hundred and fifty grams in the United Kingdom shall in the future be registered and pilots attend courses about safety. It was announced by the British government that on Saturday published the results of a study to promote the development of the sector and ensuring at the same time the safety of the public. The new regulation has not yet been established in details and it is not yet known when it will be applied. Authorities also want to expand the use of "geo-fencing" -the definition of "fenced" areas where flight is forbidden, set by GPS and stored in drones- to protect sensitive areas. A study that was carried out in England -which was also published on Saturday by the British Department for Transport- replicated in laboratory the collision of different types of aircraft with drones -different in weight and sizes- or with parts of them, and showed how the impact with smaller devices can be more dangerous than the impact with UAVs of bigger size, which usually have plastic shells to protect their components. Researchers documented how a 400 grams drone can destroy the windscreen of helicopters flying at low-speed. Slightly bigger drones -also below 4 kilograms- would be able to destroy the windscreen of airplanes, according to the flight phase. Two weeks ago in Tel Aviv (Israel) a twenty-years old man flew his drone dangerously close to commercial airplanes that were approaching the airport to make videos and upload them on social media. See for details AVIONEWS.
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