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Qatar and the diplomatic crisis: Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain and Egypt published a new blacklist

Rome, Italy - The number of organizations and people accused of links with terrorism rises to eighty-nine

Following the diplomatic crisis that started in June between Qatar -on one side- and Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Egypt and Bahrain -on the other one- with consequences also on air transport, the four Arab Countries published today a joint statement with a new blacklist of people and organizations that they accused to be involved with terrorist actvities and that would be protected by the State of Qatar. They are nine people -three from Qatar, three from Yemen, two from Libya and a citizen of Kuwait- who would have helped to financing the Al-Nusra Front -a Salafist jihadist fighting organization- and other terrorist militias in Syria and nine organizations -of which six are based in Libya and three in Yemen- that would have had links to Al-Qaeda. The names add to a previous list with other 59 individuals and 12 groups. Saudi Arabia and the other Arab Countries ask Doha (Qatar) to punish the presumed terrorists and stop hosting them; request and accusations that are instead dismissed by Qatar. For further details see AVIONEWS.

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