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Suspected of planning to crash an airplane, four arrests in Austrialia. Security has been raised at airports

Sydney, Australia - Police stopped four people Saturday night during searches and investigations that are not yet concluded

Very limited information were released by Australian police authorities on the details of the investigation that Saturday led to searches in the suburbs of Sydney (Australia) and to the arrest of four people who are suspected of planning an attack to an airplane. The Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Trumbull talked about a major counterterrorism operation. According to local sources the four people who are under arrest would have been unknown to police. For reasons that authorities did not reveal they would be suspected of having planned a way to crash an airplane on an international flight by a homemade explosive device or by a gas to be carried onboard inside the hand-luggage. Police would have arrested them before the project became operational and being investigation still ongoing it seems that at the moment the charges have not yet been specified. Security checks have been therefore heightened in the airports of Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane and in all main airports of the Country.

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