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Man sentenced for the airplane disaster on August 6, 2005, will not be extradited to Italy

Rome, Italy - The association of the victims calls the Minister Orlando, the French court of appeal said there was an error in the documentation

The court of appeal of Paris rejected the request of Italian authorities to extradite the Tunisian copilot -who is currently in France- that in 2013 was considered by the Italian High Court to be among the persons responsible of the water landing of the Tuninter aircraft on the 6th of August 2005, off the coast of Sicily (Italy), an accident in which 16 people died. To denounce the episode -which would be due to a lack in the documentation provided by Italian authorities- is Rosanna Albergo Baldacci, mother of one of the victims and president of the association "Disastro aereo Capo Gallo 6.8.2005" in a letter that was published on a social network. "Unfortunately another bureaucratic-diplomatic disaster followed the air disaster" she writes to the Italian Minister of Justice Andrea Orlando, "another inattention, another superficiality, before and after, this time occurred inside that Ministry to which we sent many letters in order to keep awake its attention to the execution of the sentence. If you can do something, Minister Orlando do it! And quickly!". On next August 6 it will be twelve years after the accident that occurred in 2005 at the ATR-72 of the Tunisian airline Tuninter, which departed from Bari to Djerba (Tunisia) and was compelled to a water landing in front of the shores of Capo Gallo, not far away from the airport of Palermo-Punta Raisi (Italy). The Italian judges proved that -in a series of events linked one to each other- the accident was caused at first by the lack of fuel because of a meter that had been installed on board but that did not comply with that model of aircraft, and sentenced and later confirmed in 2013 seven people -among Tunisian pilots and technicians- to six and five years in prison. Because extradition from Tunisia is not provided by the law, Italy issued a European arrest warrant to stop them when they are out of their Country. For futher details see AVIONEWS.

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