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Austria. Ambulance helicopter hits mountain: released a VIDEO of the accident

Rome, Italy - The aircraft was engaged in a mission in the Alps when the pilot lost control of the helicopter

A video was realeased yesterday on the internet with the images of the accident that on Tuesday involved the "Martin 4" Austrian ambulance helicopter which was rescuing an excursionist with a hearth problem on the Grossglockner mountain in Austria. The pilot of the aircraft approached the planned landing site on the ridge of the mountain -the highest peak of Austria with its 3798 meters of height- near the Erzherzog-Johann-Hütte shelter (3454 m) when -after having boarded the wating patient- lost control of the helicopter: the machine suddenly spinned and hit the rocks with its rotor blades, tipping over and crashing to the ground. Luckily the accident had no consequencies either for the occupants of the aircraft or the person who was on the ground: just a little wound for the doctor on board, while the patient was transferred as it was planned to the hospital but by another air ambulance. What happened -that could have had a far worse ending if the helicopter had crashed just a few meters further, falling off the mountain- was recorded by an excursionist who was staying at the shelter. According to what the pilot said, the accident -that happened on Tuesday at about 8:15 pm (local time)- would have been caused not by a technical failure but by a sudden gust of wind. The helicopter -a McDonnell Douglas MD-902 Explorer of Knaus Helicopter- was later taken away by another aircraft. Below, the video of what happened:

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