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Breakdown for an Israeli Air Force Apache helicopter: one dead and one critically wounded

Jerusalem, Israel - The other aircraft have been grounded until the results of the investigations will be ready: the second time in two months

An AH-64A Apache helicopter of the Israeli Air Force crashed yesterday evening at the Ramon Airbase, in the southern part of the State of Israel. In the course of an exercise at about 9 pm (local time) the pilot reported a technical problem with the aircraft and immediately turned it to the base. The helicopter was already over the runway at just few meter above the ground -according to military sources it was flying lower than the control tower- when it fell down. The pilot died in the impact. The other crewmember, the co-pilot, was critically wounded and was taken to the hospital. They both belonged to the 190th Squadron of the Israeli Air Force. Military authorities immediately started an investigation and inspected the accident scene. Until the results of the inquiry will be ready the fleet of Apache helicopters has been grounded. It is the second time in two months that this happen. In June the aircraft were stopped as a precaution after that a crack was noticed in the rear rotor of one of this machines. According to local press the problem would have involved an AH-64D Sheref (Viper) with more than two-thousand flight hours. Therefore military chiefs had already taken the decision to reduce the lifespan of rotor blades and to inspect them on a regular basis.

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