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A Barbie doll and a luggage overweight: the attack at the airplane from Sydney was avoided in this way

Rome, Italy - The Minister of Interior of Lebanon explained it yesterday

Further details on the attack wich was blocked this July in Australia were released yesterday by the Minister of Interior of Lebanon Nohad Machnouk. According to what the press reported the four men who were arrested in Sydney (Australia) on July 29, would have prepared two bombs to be taken on an airplane of Etihad Airways going to Dubai (United Arab Emirates), concealing the explosive inside a Barbie doll and a meat mincer. The bag was not carried on board because its weight would have been seven kilograms over what was allowed for hand luggage. Machnouk said that Lebanese authorities had been following the activities of the brothers Khaled Khayat and Mahmoud Khayat -who were later arrested by Australian police, also thanks to the collaboration of Lebanon- for some time already, because of the role of one member of the family inside Daesh, in Syria. Another one of the brothers who was arrested -Amer, who should have detonated the bomb inside the aircraft- had recently made many travels from Australia to Lebanon. For further details see AVIONEWS

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